Principal's Message

Dear McHarg Families, 


It is an honor to lead a welcoming and inclusive community committed to learning and growth. I want to personally welcome students, parents, faculty, and staff to a wonderful new school year. 


At McHarg, our top priority is providing a safe, peaceful, and respectful educational environment for our students to grow and learn. Our team of talented and dedicated teachers bring an energy, excitement and unique approach to teaching that inspires and engages students at a personal level. They will continue to work through their passion and professionalism, creating an environment that nurtures our student's creativity, learnings and development. 


This year, we remain committed to providing our students with opportunities to reach their full potential and discover a lifelong love of learning. Our plan is focused on providing opportunities to educate the whole student and develop well-rounded individuals ready to make a meaningful impact on their communities.


Finally, at McHarg, we place a high value on community and partnership. I would like to encourage parents to attend as many school events as possible, to volunteer, and to stay in close contact with your child’s teachers.   I would like to encourage families to become members of the McHarg Parent Student Association (PSA).  Families should also know that I am always available to discuss your child’s education and I invite families to call, write, or email with comments, questions or concerns.  With our families and school working together, we can provide our children with an outstanding educational experience.


Once again, I am looking forward to another amazing year, filled with hard work, creativity, personal growth, endless possibilities, and discoveries.





Michelle Greene


McHarg Elementary School

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